Fresh and Pure Cow Milk by Fidelo Farms

Milk, the complete food…tasty…delicious, rich, creamy and absolutely fresh…straight from B Pure.

From infants to people well into their old age, everyone enjoys the goodness of fresh milk brought to your doorstep by B Pure, people who care about your happiness and health. B Pure milk is for milk connoisseurs. B Pure wholesome milk comes straight from the farms with minimum lag between collection and processing to ensure taste and nutritional qualities are preserved to the fullest. Make it a part of your life and live happy. 

Fidelo Farms

Rooted in tradition but with an innovative concept of processing milk in a way to keep it as fresh, pure and natural as possible, the company is emerging as a trendsetter  in the region. With the accent on quality…

BPure full cream milk is lip-smacking, creamy, frothy and utterly delicious. Gathered from milch animals fed an appropriate diet to maximize cream content, this full cream milk undergoes minimal processing and is perfect to give you that feeling of fullness and energy.

Milk is quite sensitive and can be easily contaminated. It is also easy to adulterate. BPure knows this and has put in place stringent quality control processes that start at the place where milch animals are reared and milk is collected.

Milk is highly perishable and must be processed immediately. We know this and have set up processing.
plant in close proximity to the villages that serve as milk sourcing centres.

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